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»   DVD released!! Get it at 60% off for 3 day launch event! #indiefilm #freedom {view link}

»   @findpureHOPE We love you. Keep going.

»   @andrewcjoyce Hi, A. We're working on it to get it out...

»   It can happen. Don't think it's nothing when it's happening to you or someone you know. {view link}

»   RT @porntopurity: #LiesPeopleAlwaysTell - "no, I'm not having troubles on my computer" {view link}

»   RT @CovenantEyes: Read our new e-book for wives of porn addicts {view link} {view link}

»   RT“@julzcav: In slavery the very dawn of life is darkened - Harriet Ann Jacobs (PLS RT) #HumanTraffickingAwarenessDay 11/01/2012”

»   RT @julzcav: In slavery the very dawn of life is darkened - Harriet Ann Jacobs (PLS RT) #HumanTraffickingAwarenessDay 11/01/2012

»   OFFICIAL SELECTION for the TransformingStories Intl C FFest 2011. Whoo Hoo! We're up there with the best of 'em !! #indiefilm

» just released another interview raw. If you have the stomach for the truth, hit it here {view link} #addiction

»   @wearenotobjects Very soon. We're doing test groups with DVDs and discussion materials... Watch this space.

»   Busy building Group Discussions for DVD release... Yes. It's FINALLY happening!! #indiefilm

»   Florida Coalition Against Human Trafficking. {view link} (via @AntiPornography)
Thnx for what you're doing, FCAHT.

»   WILLFUL ENTRAPMENT. Awarded Best Drama Shrt Subject PICFFest 2010.
Met awesome people. Great leap in distribution puzzle pieces...

»   WILLFUL ENTRAPMENT. Nomination: Best Short Film Drama XPMEDIA Phoenix ICFFest.
Congrats, team!

»   At VERY long last - We're finally moving forward to have the group discussion study material developed- a great step to final release!

»   STSdoc project just released a new interview raw. How Porn Changes your Brain.
Crazy NOT to think about this. {view link} pls RT

»   WILLFUL ENTRAPMENT Shifting Gears for Release. Watch this space for announcements!! {view link} #indiefilm

»   RT: Official Movie Site is LIVE!!
{view link}
If you care about freedom from pornography, pls RT.

»   SCRATCHING THE SURFACE website going up this week. Everything looks AWESOME so far. Exciting stuff. Watch this space...

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