28- Resistance is Futile...


Allen looks up as his hand is jerked loose from the glass he's holding. Fear fills his eyes when he sees that Bernice is being attacked by the cord. For a moment, he gathers his courage and chooses to fight back. With all his might he pulls back against the cord to try and pry it off Bernice. 

Yet, he grossly underestimated the force he's dealing with. Violently, Allen gets thrown off his feet and gets pulled right across the floor towards Bernice. 

Do you think you're strong enough to "handle" a possible addiction to porn? 

If you feel you want to break free - have you had success so far in beating it?

All addiction leads to death. 

Think about this statement for a while...

Is it true for Smoking? Drinking? Gambling? Drugs?

If you let porn take you where its taking you, where will you end up?