01- Meet Allen. Meet Me

Willful Entrapment

Who is Allen? What is he like?

Why do you think he's oversleeping? What can you say about him because of this?

Is there someone you know that is like him?

What about Allen do you see in yourself?



Guidance Notes

An interesting thing about life, is that God designed it in such a way that we can navigate through it. We never truely find ourselves in a current of direction where we do not make decisions. It might feel like we have no abilities to steer our journey through life, but the truth is we are constantly making decisions that consequently leads us to the next place we find ourselves. The tricky part is to recognize this - and then once you do, to figure out what is the right decisions to make in the place where you find yourself in. 

Another interesting thing God did, was to allow us to recognize other people's mistakes. This is an interesting and powerful concept, because by the decisions we make by it, has the power to set us free or to enslave us to judgement. (Enslavement of judging others and ultimately putting ourselves under judgement.) We have the choice to search for those mistakes in our own lives, or we have the choice to pass judgement, and foolishly assume that we are without fault where others have failed. Jesus spoke about this concept of passing judgment, and warned us with an analogy of "recognizing a splinter in our brother's eye, but are blinded by a whole beam in our own... "

We have a super heightened ability to recognize mistakes in other people that we are making ourselves.

As we explore ALAN in this film, try to be open to what his experiences might unlock in your own understanding about where you currently might find yourself.

Recognize that we are all made very similar, and that even though there is an incredible uniqueness to every human being, we are all, after all, incredibly human. Mistakes are only a problem if we choose to repeat them by ignoring decisions right in front of us.